Navigating the Buyer Process: Steps in Buying a Home


1. Choose proper representation

2. Get educated on the area and the prices

3. Get pre-approved or pre-qualified by a reputable mortgage company or broker.

4. Find your home.

5. Review the Seller's Disclosure Statement

6. Present an offer (the Agreement of Sale) with a good faith deposit.

7. Negotiate all terms of the agreement and execute the agreement.

8. Satisfy all the different contingencies within the dateline established in the contract by booking inspectors; negotiate the reports if material defects are discovered.

9. Pay second deposit due

10. Apply for the mortgage and receive mortgage commitment on time.

11. Have appraisal performed according to timeline.

12. Review the condominium or homeowners association documents (if applicable).

13. Order a flood plan verification and get flood insurance, if required. See FEMA website.

14. Review the title report.

15. Schedule settlement.

16. Contact utility companies.

17. Receive an updated settlement cost sheet.

18. Wire funds or have a certified/cashier check prepared for the amount required.

19. Perform the pre-settlement walk-through.

20. Attend the settlement (remember to bring a photo ID).

Roberta Barolat-Romana
Roberta Barolat-Romana
Sales Executive