Navigating the Selling Process: Steps in Selling Your Home


1. Choose proper representation

2. Set an appropriate listing price

3. Prepare the home for selling

4. Sign the listing contract and complete the Seller's Disclosure Statement

5. Market the property

6. Schedule Open Houses for Realtors and the public

7. Keep home available (and clean) for showings

8. Receive, negotiate and execute an Agreement of Sale

9. Apply for a resale certificate (if required by municipality)

10. Make the home accessible to all inspectors, loan appraiser and municipality inspectors

11. Negotiate inspections

12. Get flood certification (if property is in flood zone A or V)--see FEMA website for more information

13. Deliver homeowner association or condominium documents (if applicable)

14. Contact utility companies to cancel the services

15. Request a payoff from mortgage company

16. Furnish copy of all real estate taxes paid or have your conveyance request them from municipality

17. Review the title buyer has ordered and clean any pending contingencies

18. Receive an updated settlement cost sheet

19. Give instruction for wiring to settlement clerk (if preferable to check)

20. Have property ready for pre-settlement walk-through

21. Attend settlement with a photo ID

Roberta Barolat-Romana
Roberta Barolat-Romana
Sales Executive